Tuesday, December 6, 2016

* Working Together as a Team

Soccer is a game played with eleven players. One goal could win the game in a matter of 10 seconds and even the players on the sidelines impact everything. A team is how you accomplish victory by working together and communicating. Many sports are individual or smaller groups of people out on the field at a time, but that is what is amazing about this game. Every player you put out on the pitch will have contributed to the team by either getting open, defending the other team, passing to your teammate or stopping a goal from the opposite team. The players on the bench contribute by cheering and giving them best the attitude to keep their teammates active. The hurt players that are still there to help use the knowledge they have, in their position to help put another player that may be in their place. Every person on the team works together to earn a win. That is one reason this game is beautifully played.

Another reason this sport is a good team builder is because at practices everyone works together as a team. For example if we are running pacers and I was at sixty-five but, almost everyone else had already quit my teammates would get a sip of water and then join me to encourage me to never give up. We also do a lot of team competitions, where you have a partner that you must work together to build you closer to understand how one another plays. Not only at practice but also at home or before games we have team bonding to make the season fun, while spending time with some of our best friends. Usually one of the parents make a dinner and we go there to eat before a game to talk about the game and help us prepare.

An example of working together is a group of athletes, boys and girls, who I know at my school still practice and workout even though the season has came to an end. They do ball touches, running and different cone drills to keep their skills up and work together to not give up but to keep getting better and better. I believe this is a perfect example of a team and an example that everyone can take from.


  1. I like how you express the importance of your team mates!

  2. I like how you related your post about soccer to your life and your team. I also like the picture that you added to make it more entertaining.

  3. I really like how you tied soccer back into your life. Another thing I liked about this is that it really shows that a team is what it takes to win a game, whether you are on the field or just cheering your team on from the sidelines!

  4. very inspirational write up. It is cool to read someone else talking about their school team sport and supporting the team and teammates.