Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Injury Prevention and Healthy Habits

In my advanced conditioning (PE) class I learned about how to prevent injuries and strengthen our bodies, which made me think about my soccer topic. Everyday we learn new exercises during warm-ups to get our bodies warm and active in our class. As a soccer player, these exercises help me at practice to build muscle and stretch out any pain we may be having. In advanced conditioning we have posterior (back) and anterior (front) quizzes of the body to know what the body parts are. For example in soccer one warm up is a side lunge, with the help from my PE class I was able to know during this stretch it is working my glutes and adductors. Also before starting practice we do static stretching while our bones are cold because it helps you to not strain or pull a muscle. In PE we learned static stretches can be anywhere from quadriceps, biceps, groin, hamstring and calf stretches. During the class it teaches us a lot on body parts and how certain bones or muscles are supposed to move. ACL knee injuries are the most common injury in sports, and in soccer we do a lot of drill prevention exercises, including one leg hops, shuffling, double leg hops and zig zag cuts. Luckily I was able to know if my knee was stable because of what my teacher showed us. Advanced Conditioning and soccer are very similar to each other due to the way you learn one material and use it in an outside school area. As a student who has had many injuries I really rely on the sources I have to help me regain muscle and stretch what is bothering me. Nutrition and health is also a big unit we learn during PE about eating better and keeping our bodies in shape. In soccer, having endurance and being a strong healthy athlete is most important. After understanding all the key components in a healthy meal, I have used it to an everyday life to help me and my teammates be better soccer players.

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  1. This takes discipline and sacrifice! Rest/sleep is the least planned and underutilized way to enhance performance and feel better. child injury prevention