Friday, October 28, 2016

Keeping Up On Soccer with Kc Cortes

By: Bekah Sanderson
Kc Cortes, a soccer player at Fortuna Union High School, has been playing this sport for a long time. She has the knowledge to understand the game, learn from her mistakes, teach others how to play certain positions and be a teammate to all. She started playing for Eel River Rapids, then a spring league travel team and now high school, hoping to further her career in college.

How long have you been playing soccer?
“I have been playing soccer for 10 years now. I started when I was five and I am fifteen now.”
What encouraged you to start playing soccer?
“My brothers encouraged me to start playing because of their passion for the beautiful game. I would watch them play their hearts out and have fun while doing so. Their dedication and passion encouraged me to start playing and now I know why they love the game so much.”
Do you watch professional soccer? How does it help you in a real game?
“Yes I do watch professional soccer. Watching professional soccer helps me in real games because I learn many things about my position and other positions as well. It teaches me to do the right things in situations during a game.”
What is your favorite part of being on a high school soccer team?
“My favorite part of being on a high school soccer team is that I make many memories that will stay with me forever. I learn many things about the game and life in general. My teammates aren't just my teammates, they become my family. My coaches encourage me to be the best I can be and I couldn't ask for a better experience.”
What is most enjoyable about playing soccer for you?
“The most enjoyable thing about playing soccer for me is the memories I make. Soccer has taught me many things and I am grateful for that. I enjoy that my siblings also play and that I can learn from them. I enjoy teaching others as well and helping them when they need it.”

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Injury Prevention and Healthy Habits

In my advanced conditioning (PE) class I learned about how to prevent injuries and strengthen our bodies, which made me think about my soccer topic. Everyday we learn new exercises during warm-ups to get our bodies warm and active in our class. As a soccer player, these exercises help me at practice to build muscle and stretch out any pain we may be having. In advanced conditioning we have posterior (back) and anterior (front) quizzes of the body to know what the body parts are. For example in soccer one warm up is a side lunge, with the help from my PE class I was able to know during this stretch it is working my glutes and adductors. Also before starting practice we do static stretching while our bones are cold because it helps you to not strain or pull a muscle. In PE we learned static stretches can be anywhere from quadriceps, biceps, groin, hamstring and calf stretches. During the class it teaches us a lot on body parts and how certain bones or muscles are supposed to move. ACL knee injuries are the most common injury in sports, and in soccer we do a lot of drill prevention exercises, including one leg hops, shuffling, double leg hops and zig zag cuts. Luckily I was able to know if my knee was stable because of what my teacher showed us. Advanced Conditioning and soccer are very similar to each other due to the way you learn one material and use it in an outside school area. As a student who has had many injuries I really rely on the sources I have to help me regain muscle and stretch what is bothering me. Nutrition and health is also a big unit we learn during PE about eating better and keeping our bodies in shape. In soccer, having endurance and being a strong healthy athlete is most important. After understanding all the key components in a healthy meal, I have used it to an everyday life to help me and my teammates be better soccer players.

The Journey of a Teenage Athlete

One summer in a little town of Hydesville, Bella and her sister Ashley were playing in the driveway. It was about midday, the sun was shining and their parents were at work, leaving the two at home with their babysitter Stephanie.The girls had a bond that nobody could break, especially because they were so close in age only being fifteen months apart. Bella is the oldest, but looks young because she is short with big brown eyes and thick brown hair, Ashley on the other hand was a little taller and had blue eyes and thin blonde hair, which made everyone think she was older. Bella never really looked like an athlete, but running was her favorite hobby to do on nice days and to be outside. Bella has been playing sports ever since she was in kindergarten, she loved basketball. Suddenly, after nine years of playing her favorite sport, something unexpected occurred.  

Bella had a midlife crisis at the age of sixteen and decided she was done playing basketball, she didn’t feel she was good enough to be on the varsity high school team as a junior and even her friends would make fun of her because of how short she was and thought she wouldn’t make the team. Bella’s mom was very mad at her for not playing and questioned what she would do with her life. One of Bella’s closest friends Amy tried to talk her into playing soccer. Bella laughed and thought her friend was crazy because she had never even touched a soccer ball before or let alone ever watched a game. After weeks and weeks of convincing Bella, she agreed to play for a spring league. Bella was really nervous to meet the new coach and be at a practice for a sport she had no clue what to do. The coach was a little unsure on Bella’s skill level to be playing with girls who were at a much higher level, but with her fast speed he really encouraged her.

After practice and practice everyday for weeks, she had her first game, the coach put her in right away, but Bella was confused because she didn’t know what the whistles meant or what to do. Luckily with the help of her teammates she was able to do her part on the field, and started understanding how to play. After playing more and more, she finally started to understand the game. The coach explained to her that she would need to practice everyday even at home to get more touches on the ball in order to get better but he had complete faith in her and hoped she would try out for the high school team. Bella was really unsure on that idea, due to never playing before, she didn’t want to embarrass herself, but when the time came she decided to give it shot and luckily she made it. She spent the season doing little drills that would have been done at the age of five but it was all to help her footwork and learn to kick the ball farther and farther. She got to know some of her best friends and they also helped her play. Bella didn’t see much playing time at all during the season but she understood why, she was just determined to keep practicing for her senior year. As time went on during off-season she would go to the park with her friends to kick the ball around and go running until it was time for season again. After all the hard work, but still putting in effort everyday, Bella is now a starter for the high school team and gets a lot of playing time. She learned a lot from her journey especially to never be afraid of trying new things. Bella also expressed that putting your mind to something and always trying your hardest will lead you to accomplish your goals.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Life's a soccer ball. Can you kick it?

Soccer Joke: What kind of cards do soccer referees send out during the holidays?

Answer: Yellow Cards

Soccer is a sport for everyone

Soccer is a sport that keeps people in shape and always active. It is played in every country around the world, being one of the the most played sport. Even here in the United States football and baseball may seem to be the most popular to play or watch but, soccer still ties with football as number one.

In my opinion, I believe soccer has the fundamentals to keep people in a form for every sport and the game never stops helping the person build endurance and a mental toughness throughout the game Starting at a young age helps the child learn how to play and build an idea on what to do for different positions. As you slowly grow and get older the game becomes more fast pace and physical. I believe that teenagers need this physical activity to keep their bones strong and bodies healthy. Soccer is an easy sport to practice at home, whether you are by yourself or with a buddy. It is a simple game that requires very little equipment, helping kids around the world be able to play without worrying how much it will cost.
As a teenager who plays this sport, I have created friends, teammates and a life long family. It is fun to be able to watch younger siblings or kids I know be out on the field, playing together as a team and working together to score a goal. Soccer is a sport that almost anyone can play, whether you are clumsy or not, it is a fun game for anyone. In my personal experience I started playing soccer as a sophomore in high school, never having touched a soccer ball before I knew if I set my mind to it and had a team behind me, pushing me to do better, I could do it. Since then I have learned so much in different ways from how to play, keeping my body healthy, teaching people what I know to help make them a better player and showing them soccer is a sport that everyone should play.