Friday, September 30, 2016

US Women's Soccer team midfielder joins protest

Sports are a fan favorite of many people around the world. Being a teenager, famous sports players are who you may look up too. For example, I am a very big fan of soccer, watching the United States Women's soccer team (USWNT) play, is a big interest of mine. In the past few months, football has been raging with two emotions and impacting other sports players and teams with anger or support. Colin Kaepernick a NFL player, kneeled during the national anthem, to fight for his rights. Kaepernick’s protest has encouraged players of several different sports, to follow his lead. United States Women's soccer player Megan Rapinoe also kneeled to the “Star Spangled Banner” in protest for Kaepernick. US Soccer was not happy with her and issued a statement but Rapinoe says “As of now I plan to keep kneeling, I’m trying to kind of formulate a better plan and an action step moving forward. But until then, this is how I can help, this is how I can use my voice going forward, and this is how I can be an ally in this space.”

In my opinion I believe that Rapinoe has the right to kneel if she thinks it is necessary to prove how she feels and use it as a voice around the world. As an american we are supposed to have “rights” and many people in the united states of different races and gender, don’t feel they have the same equal treatment.  Although, being a famous sports player, reflects the organization and team you may play for. If the people you play with, your coaches, and fans don’t agree it becomes a lot harder to do on your own. Different protests can be done to show how they feel and show respect for the veterans who have served for our country. I understand how it may affect many people like a family of a veteran who may have lost a loved one would be very upset with this protest, but also the point of view that a different ethnic family lost a loved one from an unfair shooting, their are the different perspectives. As a country I know standing for the anthem brings us together and shows respect as a country. I hope the players who have made the decision to kneel are doing it for a purpose and not out of laziness or disrespect and will still get the opportunity to play.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Website Sources on Soccer

These are a few sources that help me learn information about soccer. Each of these websites are different containing very credible information to not only me but you as well.

Fifa is known as one of the most well known soccer page. It stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. It puts on one of the world's most watched sporting event, the world cup. This website Fifa contains a lot of information on the history of soccer, how it is played and the main purpose of the organization. I believe it is very credible because everything on the page is ran by a well known company around the world that a lot of different people follow. “FIFA’s mission is develop football everywhere and for all, to touch the world through its inspiring tournaments and to build a better future through the power of the game.”

The Olympic sports are watched in many homes around the world. Soccer is one sport that people enjoy watching and following scores. The NBC Olympic website gives you very credible information of live feeds, information and pictures that has happened during the 2016 Olympics. For example the website tells us information on big stories. “In the gold medal match of the Olympic men’s soccer tournament, Brazil and Germany played to a 1-1 draw through 120 minutes with Brazil coming out on top in penalties to win gold.”

The website Sports Illustrated is a way for people to follow different sports, especially soccer. It keeps up information on the United States Women's National Team (USWNT), college teams and other information on goals, drama and schedules that people can go too if they missed a game. I believe it is very credible because this is a website that tells us news on what is happening. For example  “U.S. Soccer has terminated goalkeeper Hope Solo's national team contract and banned her for six months after her controversial comments at the Olympics, the federation announced Wednesday.” this may be something fans didn’t hear about until now.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Introduction to my blog

As a teenager, most kids are staying busy with different activities. I happen to be staying busy with sports, especially soccer. I chose the topic soccer because this is a sport I enjoy playing, practicing and talking about. Even though I have only been playing soccer for about two years, I have learned how to play the game very well. As a sophomore in high school many of my friends were playing soccer, although I had never touched a soccer ball in my life, they encouraged me to start playing. I started to consider the idea of playing the summer going into Junior year. I signed up on a travel team, telling the coach I know how to play basketball but soccer is something new for me. I have been playing soccer since then, and now I am playing my second year on the high school varsity team. I really enjoy playing this sport, watching it and learning new things.

My blog will include many of things, about soccer. I will tell you stories about experiences I have had playing this sport, websites I have been on that have taught me a lot like in addition to more. I will tell you physical and mental impacts this sport has on you, and how to work as a team. I will talk about famous athletes who have impacted me myself as a player and teams I think are very fun to watch. I wont be talking about other sports like basketball or softball.

I am hoping that after people read my blog, they will be encouraged. I want them to want to play the sport and understand how to play the game. I hope to impact people to write about things they love and to enjoy stories of everyday life for a soccer player. I want to strengthen the knowledge for people who don't know much about the sport.